Christina Wheeler

Christina Wheeler has been a techie since she was a young child. At age 11, she used a Texas Instruments (TI-99) plugged into a tape deck copying BASIC code out of a book for hours so her and her brother could play games.

At 13, her father taught her how to build computers. Before SharePoint and O365 Christina was a graphic designer then got bored and moved onto web development and database administration. Christina’s first SharePoint project was a SharePoint 2001 site and she has been working with SharePoint ever since.

Christina is currently a Principal Solution Architect at Canviz Consulting and part-time Trainer for Critical Path Training. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Christina has knowledge in SharePoint Development, Administration, Branding, and Business Intelligence. She also specializes in search and leveraging ECM features in SharePoint. When teaching, Christina brings her real-world experience to the classroom. Currently residing in Middle Georgia, Christina is a highly respected SharePoint consultant who is extremely active in the SharePoint community. She was the tech editor of “SharePoint 2007 Developer’s Guide to Business Data Catalog”, co-author of the “SharePoint 2010 Field Guide”, and co-author of “SharePoint 2013 Inside Out.” She enjoys contributing articles to technical websites and often speaks at SharePoint community events and conferences. Christina has a strong passion for technology and when she’s not working on SharePoint, she is either cooking, enjoying photography, spending time with her recently graduated college daughter, and spending time with her lovable dogs.