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Cloudeight | Session 2 | Level up your organization: Teams as a Platform

Teams can be the front door to your organization for the employees. What benefits it brings to connect daily Teams usage to your backends and processes? How can you level your organization’s Teams?

Collaboration and meetings are just the first steps in organization’s Teams Journey:
Automating tasks and data, creation of team context aware applications that help your employees to be more productive, distributing relevant applications to your employees automatically, efficient application management and empowering your power users & citizen developers to create solutions that will help you to benefit from Teams even more – in a real short idea-to-execution time.

Teams is the hub for work – and for firstline workers it may be the only app they need. How all these tools like Power Platform, Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Power Automate Flows, bots and applications work together for different roles? What are they capable of?

In this session you will learn what is possible with Teams as a Platform. This is a combination of use cases as well as some practical demos to clarify how your organization can benefit if they choose to level up with Teams as a Platform.


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